So I didn’t pick the winner….

Okay well this isn’t a rant or a recap of Top Model since I haven’t seen this past week’s episode. I only read a recap because I could wait no longer to see who was kicked off, and who was it? Who you ask? Lisa! Ah! Lisa was my pick to win or at least be in the top three. From the very first episode I picked her. Alas, I was wrong and Ty Ty and everyone else disagreed with me. Granted now Saleisha will have to do or Chantal. I really just can’t stand Heather and her freaking Cover Girl of the Week business, gah people, stop voting for her (haha)!

Anyhoo. That was it. I know there is other celeb news out there but I’m too lazy to talk about it. Heck I still haven’t memed yet and am still catching up on everyone’s blogs (you people wrote like crazy in the five days I was gone, sheesh). So hopefully that’ll happen soon and I’ll be back up to speed on things…in the meantime….goodbye Lisa, you were a good model wanabe.

Update: ANTM News. Twiggy won’t be back for Season/Cycle/Whatever it’s called 10. Sad, I like Twiggy. She’s like the Paula of Top Model. But hell bring Janice back, she was amazing, haha. Instead Paulina Poritzkova will be filling in for Twiggy, cool I guess? At least Miss J is staying cause we all know he’s the best, haha.