Marvelous Monday!

Am I glowing? I think I might be glowing? Beaming perhaps? I don’t know. I do know that I am officially at my own schnazzy desk no longer in charge of the phone, mailings and anything else office related (holler). And even better, a cool new guy has taken my place and not some awkward scmackward dude, woot. Ah. Happiness.

Okay enough of that. It’s Monday and a good one at that. Not a ton of work to do and only one more day of work before Food Fest 2007 commences. And I’m not even joking about Food Fest. I saw the itinerary for my family Thanksgiving and it’s ridiculous. I’m going up the Nor Cal with my super extended family (I think there are about 50 of us total, maybe more) and we’re all in several beach houses and condos partying and eating for five days, haha. I just pray that I don’t gain a million pounds, because it is more than possible with the amount of food that will be served, haha. Thank goodness for 24 Hour Fitness, haha.

And in other news. The weekend was fun. The boy/girl party was amusing, the boys were rowdy the girls were dainty, what’s new? And I got to hear the girls gossip about my brother and how “he always changes his mind about who he likes, he’s like soooo weird”, haha gotta love it. After that, went out with Megan and some friends to the Cabana Club where I saw a guy who looked a lot like Sean Paul but I’m pretty sure it wasn’t. And we danced and had some drinks and it was super. Afterwards I drove home and I felt like I was in the middle of Stephen King’s new movie The Mist. It was insane. I drove like a grandma because I could barely see in front of me and I was half expecting some people eating monster to emerge from the fog and eat my car or something, haha. I don’t know though, but it was weeeeird.

Anyhoo. Unrelated to my life and way more interesting and exciting, on Friday Perez posted a new song of John Mayer’s and I pretty much love it. I don’t think John can make a bad song really. Maybe not all great songs, but none of them suck. So check it out and play it on repeat and swoon to the loveliness.

Other than that nothing extremely noteworthy….Johnathan Rhys-Meyers got arrested (ya that was pretty inevitable), the AMA’s were on last night and I’m guessing Carrie Underwood dominated that one too, sadly Kanye West broke down at a concert while singing “Hey Mama” (gotta feel sorry for the guy), and other than that Kingston is still an uber cutie:

Well that’s it for now.
Happy Monday all!