Blogaholics Anonymous.

You know you’ve reached blogaholic status when something happens and your boyfriend then asks “You’re going to blog about this tomorrow aren’t you?” Ah the knows me too well.

Well what was he talking about? Let me recap. *disclaimer. some mushy ushy cutesy bragging will be posted next* Yesterday as I said, Matt and I celebrated 1.5 years of coupledom. Now I know it may sound weird an anniversary and a half? Celebrating it? Well sure. My boyfriend is quite the romantic and I do not mind in any way shape or form. So I get to his house last night and he made this amazing dish (Carbonara Pinchera something? I have no idea. It was cheesy spaghetti pizza, three of my favorite things) that we saw on TV back in July (I completely forgot about it) and it was delicious. Not only that he set up a table for two with roses, candles, wine, the works. And on top of it he rented Love Actually. Ah. I love him. Needless to say I was quite the giddy girl last night and it was fab.

So pretty much last night has kept me in a good mood today. That and the fact that today is my LAST DAY as a receptionist!!! Woot. Now don’t get me wrong being a receptionist hasn’t been a bad experience or anything, I’m just ready to move on. And moving on I will. At the end of today I get to move all my pictures and random office things to my new spot and Monday will commence “Operation Teach New Guy How To Be A Kick Ass Receptionist Like I Was”, also known as OTNGHTBAKARLIW, haha that makes no sense, but you get the point.

Well it’s Friday and I have no real major plans this weekend, and I am totally fine with that. The boy is in Vegas for his brothers birthday and I get to chaperon my 12 year old brothers bowling party (first girl/boy party…ah! cute!). Other than that maybe a movie or two? Go out with Megan? Read? Gym? Ah the possibilities are endless.

Anyhoo. I don’t really feel like talking about celeb news today because none of it is that good (except the Spice Girls performance, but I may just save that post until the VS show airs, we’ll see) and I didn’t really watch any of my shows last night (thank goodness for so I’ll just leave you with this:

Happy Weekend!