Happy (Craig David) Tuesday!

Tuesdays may seem like any other day to most of you, but to me Tuesdays have held a special place in my heart ever since senior year of high school. Let me explain….

So at my high school we had a pretty weird schedule, but it worked for me. We didn’t have every class every day, there was some odd way of rearranging them so that we only had each class four times a week meaning we also got a free period in there too. So as it turned out first semester senior year my free period didn’t happen on Tuesdays, it sucked. And not just me, but several of my friends were right there with me and on top of that we had to end our day with Physics (gah! worst. class. ever.) So with that being said and how horrible Tuesdays were my friends and I thought of calling it “Happy Tuesday!” (you know how you pretend you’re at a beach when it’s freezing outside, that same sort of mental process, haha). We started bringing popcorn and random cakes or treats to have at lunch and get us through the day. It became our thing, Happy Tuesday! So it pretty much stuck for the rest of the school year and made life that much more bearable, the simple things.

And it doesn’t end there. My freshman year in college I kept it up. I made every Tuesday a “Happy Tuesday” so much that I would send an IM to everyone on my buddy list saying “Happy Tuesday” knowing that none of them really knew what the hell I was talking about. Oh and it definitely didn’t end here either. Freshmen year I had a break between 11 and 1 on Tuesdays, so I basically hung out in my room and blared music like the awesome person I was. And it wasn’t just any music, it was pretty much Craig David (that’s a whole other post, haha), I was obsessed. My friend Anitra I believe had the whole day off and was able to hear Craig playing and pretty much was the one that said Tuesdays should be my Craig day (that and I think she wanted to limit my Craig playing time, haha). So from that I went on to create the “Happy (Craig David) Tuesday!” IMs that people still questioned but ultimately grew to anticipate and love, haha, as well as play (read as blare through my amazing speakers) at least one Craig song every Tuesday (I had too, haha).

“Happy Tuesdays” were just something I needed, a small way to make my day better and hopefully make some friends laugh. Even though I don’t send out my mass IM’s anymore, I still love my “Happy (Craig David) Tuesday!” and hopefully now you can too.