Mish Mash.

I have already written and deleted this post three times already and I don’t really know why. At first I was going to talk about my weekend, but then I decided not to and then I started writing about a new Orson song that I was listening to but then erased it and now I’m just writing about what I was going to write about…I make no sense.

Anyhoo. My weekend was spent having fabulous meals with the boy (he is an amazing chef…mmmm), drinking lots of wine, playing Scene It Squabble, buying some new shoes (real shoes even, not sandals, amazing!!!), watching football and catching up on some of my shows. Yes, a very simple weekend, but also very fun. I slept more than the normal person should, but then again when do I not? I love sleep, I can’t help it.

Gah this is a boring post, haha. No real good stories to share or crazy pictures taken this weekend. I’m still baffled at the fact that Thanksgiving is next week and I will be embarking on one crazy family experience (just think 50+ people, 4 beach houses, and enough food to feed a small country, haha). And then Christmas, Christmas is right around the corner too! Ah! Gifts to buy, presents to wrap and Harry Connick Jr. Christmas albums to be listened to. Oh and speaking of Christmas, check out the Spice Girls commercial for Tesco (no idea what store that is), it’s pretty cute:

*And on the note of holidays yesterday was Veteran’s Day and as a daughter of a veteran and cousin and friend of other people in the military I just want to say, I admire and love you all.*

Happy Monday all. :)

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