Flippin’ Friday.

Ever have one of those days where you wake up and know the day is going to suck? Yeah that’s what I felt like this morning when I accidentally woke up at 9 (which is the time I am usually out the door and in my car driving to work). I bolted out of bed, into the shower, somehow got dressed, kissed Matt bye and was off at 9:15. And for some reason the gods felt sorry for me and probably looked down and said “ye shall not be late to work today” because there was absolutely no traffic, I breezed through the freeway and hit only green lights and managed to pull into the driveway at work at 9:29, I was a whole minute early!?! It was amazing. From there on out my day has been anything but sucky, haha. Although I didn’t have breakfast I walked down to the local coffee shop and got a fantastic bagel and some delicious cider that not only filled me up but made me all warm and happy (mmmmcider).

From then on the day has been pretty good. I finished my big update of the day and it got approved (woot!) and now I’m catching up on blogs and celeb news and enjoying the fact that it’s Friday.

And with that said here are some Friday pics…..

hey Keanu

the cast of Grey’s supports the strike

the ladies from Wisteria strike too

man she’s cute!

I’m glad to see the stars helping out and being sincere in the strike because hey they don’t have a TV job anymore either. And Keanu and Violet are clearly in the pic mix because I heart them both, haha.

Anyhoo…Happy Weekend!