Monday? Again?

Several things to share this fine Monday morning in October…
One. My weekend was relaxing and I loved it. I mean really relaxing. Relaxing to the point that I slept for a lot of it, and my god it was amazing. I love sleeping. And when I wasn’t sleeping I was tending to the one armed boyfriend (okay he really doesn’t have one arm, don’t worry, but his arm is in an immobilizing sling so he really can’t do a whole lot with his right arm…good thing he’s a lefty). And besides that we watched some TV and football (and when did USC forget how to win?! Gah! Honestly Trojans, really? Not cool.) where I decided that I am basically rooting for Matt’s team, ASU, since they are having an amazing year that’s pretty fun to watch and of course OSU (I have to).

And yesterday I went to the gym. It was amazing. I had never been on a Sunday and it was glorious, I may have to do this more often. There was virtually no one there so I could work out in peace (ie no nasty sweaty men on a bike next to me) and then try out the weight machines that I was too intimated to try before when the room was filled with a bagillion men. And with that there was success, I found some machines I like and can do on my own (holler). Love it. Now I’m just sore, gotta work on that one.

After that the day was spent relaxing, going to Target, getting Matt and watching Hocus Pocus with my brothers. The movie was as great as I remembered it. And even better, the main kid in the movie, his name is Max Dennison…it’s fate. Haha.

Okay well that’s my weekend in a nutshell? How was yours? Fantastic? Amazing? Costume filled? I’m curious.

And on that note, time to get to emailing! Woot!

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