It’s Friday alright.

So my day started off waaaay more chaotic and frantic than usual but thank the heavens I am settled and back to normal. Why was it so crazy you ask? Oh only because I’m a dumbass and didn’t do something that was due yesterday to people in New York who need to go over it to send to more people, gah. So yes I was jolted awake when my cell phone blared “Ain’t No Party” full blast (I forgot to turn the volume down, gah) at 7:20 in the am with Anonymous as the caller ID. So I didn’t answer. Who the hell would be calling me that early anyways? So they left a voicemail and I listened and then I freaked out. Gah! So I scurried around Matt’s house and bolted out the door shortly after. So yes, I have been at work since 8:25 this morning, work doesn’t start until 9:30. I was definitely the only person here for a solid 55 minutes and it was a little freaky, not gonna lie. However, I got it all done. I wrote up a kick ass report and apologized to the client for my ridiculous mistake and finally stopped to breathe. And somehow I have already managed to finish my two other assignments that were due today too (go me!) and am left blogging and getting ready to partake in some more work to make all my campaigns a lovely success, woo!

So with all of that off my chest it has left me to ponder a few things for my upcoming weekend. I don’t really have a whole lot planned except a return trip to Target to return some headphones, read some Wicked, maybe hit the gym, watch some football and tend to the recovering boyfriend, woot. However, today in the midst of my chaoticness I realized something missing from my life this time of year. Besides fall weather of course, I haven’t seen my two favorite Halloween movies yet! Blasphemy!

Movie number one is one of my all time favorites with three wicthes, a talking cat, the kid from Eerie, Indiana, Thora Birch, a magic candle…have you guessed it yet? Hocus Pocus! I love this movie. And I’m pretty sure I’ve seen it around Halloween every year for a loooong time, mainly because the Disney channel knows when they’ve made a good movie and play it all the time around this time of year. However, thanks to my brothers I no longer have to wait to see this classic on TV, I can simply dig it out of my DVD collection and watch. So what’s holding me back? I have no idea. I told Matt earlier that I have to watch it this weekend and he can’t argue it, haha. Who doesn’t love Better Midler, Sarah Jessica Parker and Kathy Najimy as witches coming back to haunt a small town in the Midwest? And the talking cat? Binx. Gotta love him.

And movie number two. It’s another one with witches, I love witch movies, what can I say? However, it also has one of my favorite actresses of all time and an Oscar winning Aussie as her sister and curses and true love and a cop with one blue eye, one green…know what movie? But only Practical Magic of course. I heart this movie. Sandra Bullock is my favorite actress and the whole story line in this movie is fun, I love when they’re dancing to the lime and the coconut song, amazing. Oh! I told Matt this one may have to be added to the weekend mix as well and I can hardly wait, woo!