Ever get that feeling where your gut is cringing? Know what I mean? Sort of? Maybe? Perhaps? Ya well I just had that feeling because I just had a moment to make it happen. I’m sitting at my desk, listening to music, diligently working on my campaigns (woo activity) when one of my coworkers comes over and is like “We have a meeting. Come on.” Ah! Meeting?! What meeting? I didn’t get a meeting request! Gah. So in a state of frenzy/embarrassment/panic I tried to quickly detach my Ipod, switch my internet to wireless and stealthily enter the meeting.

Well the Ipod wouldn’t come off, the internet wigged out on me and as soon as I entered everyone was like “Heeey” and my boss moved out of his chair for me to sit. And in the whole process of this my face turned red and my Ipod fell in the trash can (sweet). Luckily there was nothing in the trash can and the Ipod was saved but my face was still blushing as I tried to rapidly catch up on what I had missed. However, by the time I sat down the meeting was about to end. We talked about two things and then dismissed. Gah. I apologized to my boss for being late because I didn’t get the email and then in a frazzled mess made my way back to my desk.

Gah. Turns out my name had been left off the new email list, explaining the lack in meeting notification, superb. And I guess I missed about 20 minutes of the meeting, even parts where my campaigns were being talked about (gah). Oh well. It wasn’t my fault, so I can’t feel bad. But my stomach is still in knots and it won’t go away.

Alas I will try to work it out by working on a campaign that just made a great turn for the better (yay!), listen to O.A.R. and maybe have some licorice to salvage the rest of my Happy Tuesday. Oy Vey.