DC Fabulousness.

So I said yesterday that I was going to recap my weekend. Well obviously that didn’t happen and the only thing I put up was the amazing picture of the oh-so-adorable Violet taking a stroll on her own two feet, precious! haha. (I know, I have issues, let it slide). Anyhoo, I realize that I can’t really recap this weekend and even if I did it wouldn’t make much sense to anyone that was there. So I will put it in one longish blurb and add some pictures once I get home and get my pics online. So….here goes:

Friday: late flight, Kiki picks me up, HUGE hugs, traffic, meet everyone at Indian dinner (yum), hugs for the table, walk back home, Kiki comes back with Zoe, more hugs, “let’s start drinking”, rum and cokes (too many), goals, call Jen, miss you Jen!, more goals, more stories, laughing, love it, sleep.

Saturday: hungover?sick?gah?, up early, onto the bus, need water!, solar decathlon, smithsonian, lunch, still sick?, taxi ride home (ran two stop signs and almost went wrong way on one way street), watched The Prince and Me with Zoe and Jo (hilarious), girls come back, relax, get ready, let’s play kings (we’re back in college), drinks, taxi ride (we hit a racoon- don’t worry, it lived, haha), dinner, more drinks, watch baseball (go tribe!) and football (yay LSU lost!), bar time, only people at bar, have our own party, more drinks, move bars, dancing, drinks, dancing, found ‘hope diamond’ in the bathroom, more drinks, dancing, taxi home, goodnight.

Sunday: no hangover!, no showers, bus ride, brunch (delicious!), walk around, go home, the girls leave (sad), Kiki, Al, and I take Webb to Union Station, say goodbye, off to Eastern Market, get some cheese and bread (delish), lots of clip on earrings, Kiki gets adorable owl skirt, I have no money, go home, relax, watch parts of bad movies, get ready, trivia night in Virginia (ball launcher! MacGyver’s name is Angus?), found the topaz version of the hope diamond, drive thru car wash (amazing!), back home, watch some Sunday TV, sleepytime.

Monday: up early, bus ride, bye Kiki, breakfast with three generations of Al (haha), see National Cathedral (amazing), off to the airport, bye Al (see you at Christmas), wait in airport, delayed flight (do not freak out), figure it all out, get home two hours late, relax, watch TV, read “Wicked”, miss the girls already.

And that’s it in a nutshell. Can’t wait to do it all over again.