Why this weekend is amazing….

Reason 1:
It’s the weekend. Duh.

Reason 2:
Although I am still sneezing, I am not nearly as bad as I was last weekend (that was horrific).

Reason 3:
One of my best friends is home for the weekend with her hubby and baby who is turning 1! (and I haven’t seen her for more than an hour since about January) So I’m pretty much jumping for joy to hang out with her and play with her oh so freaking adorable son. Ah! Love it!

**my goodness he’s so freaking cute!**

Reason 4:
Although he’s still not100%, I get to spend some quality unsick time with Matt. And catch up with some long lost friends, perhaps even a Denison guy? We’ll see.

Reason 5:
USC is going to demolish Stanford tomorrow. Fight on!

So woo for Fridays and pay day and the weekend.

And completely unrelated….
Jen Garner has done it again, and I want to share (although it may be a little much to blog about her three days in a row…I don’t care). She looks amazing. Her stylist needs to be my stylist. Here she is with Jamie Foxx again promoting The Kingdom in London. Wow.

Gotta love it.

Anyhoo, everyone have a fabulous weekend! Weeeee Friday!