I swear I’m not obsessed.

But nothing in celeb news is really jumping out at me today. Britney’s got more problems, Lindsay is still in rehab, JLO may or may not be preggers and that’s about all I see happening today. So, I’m resorting to what I do like….the Afleck-Garner family (haha). Jen is still in Paris promoting The Kingdom with Jamie Foxx while Ben is home watching Violet.

So picture numero uno, Jen and Jamie on the red carpet. I looooove this dress. The color, the length, the style, fabulous, I want it.

And while Mom is looking glam, Papa Ben is looking a little scruffy…but really who cares, Violet is the show stealer here (even though she’s still not walking! Ah! Let the girl walk!).

Anyhoo, that’s all I got today. Thank goodness it’s Thursday…meaning my night will be spent balancing my check book, cleaning my room, watching Grey’s, taping CSI:, watching Without a Trace and pretending to read. Riveting, I know. Anyhoo, have a fabulous evening….
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