Link a rink a dink.

  • Heard about this guy from Perez, Eric Hutchinson and he’s pretty awesome I must say. I really like the song “Rock and Roll” (heck I even made it my Myspace song, haha). And I guess out of nowhere his album jumped all the way to number nine on the Itunes chart, a day after Perez mentioned him, haha. Hey Perez, talk about my blog!
  • Johnny Depp looking all frazzley hot at some event for Tim Burton.
  • And his Pirates costar Orlando Bloom really needs to get rid of the porn stache, it’s just not cute.
  • Legally Blonde:The Musical is coming to MTV! How cool is that?? I won’t have to go all the way to New York to see it, just be in front of the tube for a while, gotta love it.
  • I don’t own an iPhone or a fancy schmany iPod for that matter, apparently now what I have is the iPod classic (which I love). And it seems like Apple has decided to add a million more versions of everything at much “cheaper” prices.
  • Mary-Kate doesn’t like to have her picture taken. Big whoop.
  • Seems like all the hype wasn’t a lie and Brit Brit really is opening up the VMAs on Sunday. Granted I won’t really believe it until I see it, meaning I have to watch the VMAs (or just steal Matt’s DVR and watch it afterwards, haha). But I have faith in Brit and a comeback would be awesome, let’s just hope her weave is on tight and she’s wearing a bra. Fingers crossed.
  • As much as I love Tyra, she looks a little crazy in this promo pic for Cycle 9 of America’s Next Top Model. Heck I saw the commercial for the new season last night and the theme is futuristic shiznit, eh…it’s okay. Let’s hope this is a good season.
  • Despite rumors that were flying around yesterday, Lauren Conrad will not be modeling for Marc Jacobs. Rather she is helping cast models and all that jazz for fashion week. Oh well. Man I do love her style though, the dress in these pics…I want it.
  • And lastly, Brad Pitt is just all over the place and took tons of pic for Details magazine. Yum. Click here to check them out..but this one is my fave:
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