So much to blog, so little time….

So I have written and erased my opening sentence about five times already, so I’m just sticking with this one, haha. Basically there is a lot to blog about and not a lot of time. As much as I love a day off of work it just means more to catch up on on Tuesday and with that being said, I’ve got lots to do today (oy vey!).

So let’s start with my life…
My weekend=Amazing. Friday, got off at 3 (holler) and I headed right for Old Town to do some celebratory shopping. However, I wore pants on Friday. Why? I have no idea. Maybe because I thought that ‘heat wave’ was a joke or something. But oh no, when I left work on Friday I thought I was going to die of heatstroke. I almost didn’t go to Old Town, but alas I did and found a parking spot in the shade and rolled my pants up Tom Sawyer style and proceeded to Forever 21 (a cheap girl’s clothing mecca) for an impromptu shopping trip with Megan where I got two cute dresses and a hot top. From there to H&M for a successful purchase of some sunglasses and a gold chain (no not a chain chain, a dressy chain, it’s cute). And then the rest of my night was spent lounging, packing, relaxing, lovely. So Saturday, Matt and I were up early (with my Dad in tow) and off to San Diego. Well first we were off to Vista (to drop Dad off) then off to San Diego. After four hours of driving/traffic/dropping off, we finally made it to Matt’s friends’ apartment in South Park (gotta love it). And I love their place (it’s so cute!). However, I didn’t love the no AC business because it was just about as hot there as it was in Pasadena (gah!). Okay I am dragging this all out way too long…nutshell. We had lunch (yummy), I had a Brie Burger (fabulous), watched five hours of ANTM (Matt wasn’t too happy about that), went out to a bar (walked there, just like college, loved it!), next morning up and at em to Vista again, off to the beach (uber hot, uber fun), Matt dug some holes with the kids, did some body swimming, lots of sun=sunburn=heat rash (gah!), yummy food, Happy Birthday Dad, Matt and I drove back home, traffic at 11:30 pm (wtf?). And basically spent all day yesterday lounging and hanging out watching TV and we made delicious spinach artichoke fondue and honey glazed steak for dinner (holler). And that’s me in a nutshell. Haha.

Okay so that was a little longer than I had anticipated (but go figure, I’m long winded, per usual.) And apparently a lot happened in Celeb news over the weekend so here goes….

First up. Heath Ledger and Michelle Williams split up. Sad. It’s always sad to see these young couples end their relationships, especially when they have kids together. Oh well, tis life.

In happier news, Violet Affleck is still super cute, haha. I know, it’s an addiction and I promise I will stop writing about her one day. I may give her a whole post the day her parents put her down. I mean really, Jen and Ben this is getting old. Ever since my friend Jen pointed it out to me I can’t help but notice that this poor toddler still isn’t walking, I really hope she is okay. At least they got her out of the crocs and in some cute Mary Jane’s today.

And in news that may make you gag, Heidi was trying on wedding dresses this weekend (I just threw up a little). And she invited a few of her favorite friends (aka the paparazzi) along to document this lovely experience. I am not going to even put the picture up here, you can go check it out at PopSugar, who also put up a poll to see who thinks Spendi is just pretending and all that jazz, gotta love it.

And in Music news, if you still think Britney is music worthy, four more songs leaked. You can check them out here (thanks Perez): “Your….” “Got Me High” “Been A While” “Everybody” Woo Brit Brit.

Okay, on to my sister’s favorite celebrity family (well my sister really just loves Angelina, but still). Brangelina was freaking everywhere this weekend. Well not everywhere, but there are a ton of pictures of them hitting up film festivals in Italy, boating with the family and saying that they are ready to add a fifth kid to the bunch (wowza). Anyhoo, here are two of my favorite pics of them from this weekend. I just love seeing that Angelina really does love Shiloh, and Brad is just a good lookin dad with all those kids, haha:


Nearby Brad Ocean’s 11/12/13/45 castmate (my fave) Matt Damon was in France with his wife (in an amazingly summery dress that I want) still promoting The Bourne Ultimatum. Haha, must be nice to travel the world promoting your movie.
Well that’s all I got for now (haha, a lot I know) and I can tell there is going to be more to come later, but now it’s time to get cracking on all the work I have to do (woo!).

Oh but how could I forget! My number one celeb, Keanu Reeves celebrated his birthday this weekend (same day as my dad actually, cool. I know.) He’s 43 years young mmmmm. So Happy Birthday Keanu! Hope you had a fabulous birthday!

(and yes I’m kickin back to a Speed promo pic, gotta love it)