While normal working(or in school) people (like myself) spent yesterday inside offices or classrooms, those lucky beyotches from “The Hills” got to frolic at the beach all day long, damn them! And not only were their cameramen following them, but apparently a really snap happy paparazzi, because PopSugar put up like thirty pictures (overkill?). As much as I love those girls, I must say I am jealous that they aren’t working, rather partying at the beach on a random Wednesday afternoon with a couple of their closest (also non working) friends. Gah! Oh well, I can’t be too jealous because I’m heading to the beach this weekend (and man is it an overdue trip!) and I can’t wait, San Diego here I come!

In the meantime I will just say that even though I saw this dress on Johanna’s site a couple days ago, I want to share it here:
Even though I don’t think I could pull it off, I must say Lauren knows how to dress (and style, I believe it’s from her new line). I am quite the fan of the color and the belt (but why the silver shoes with a gold belt??). Anyhoo, time to stop blogging my day away and get back to the grind. Holler half day tomorrow! Who’s with me?