Monday thoughts.

So this morning I left my house a little early because I saw on the news that there was an accident that could have delayed me…alas it had no effect on my morning route and I am here, at work, a whole fifteen minutes early. Wowza. Now I love my job and all, but fifteen minutes is quite early here, seeing as to how most people don’t show up til about fifteen minutes after our start time of 9:30. Anyhoo, I thought I would use my earliness to blog and share some of my “Monday thoughts”….

  • I really don’t appreciate how unpredictable traffic is, haha. I mean, I could have ten more minutes of sleep if I knew how long it’d take me to get to work every day, oh well.
  • Today I feel naked. I forgot my ring. Gah. I always wear this ring from Matt, I love it and I miss it today. Boo on me for being absent minded. At least I remembered my watch, then I’d be really lost today.
  • I saw Superbad on Saturday and I whole heartedly agree that it’s hilarious. However, you have to have the kind of humor of an overly horny teenage boy, because that’s basically what the whole movie is, haha. But it was great, I laughed out loud a lot and had a grand ole time, woo.
  • Oh! So yesterday one of my friend’s from high school asked me to be a bridesmaid in her wedding (yay!). And of course I said yes. But now I feel so grown up, I’m going to be in a wedding, and not just toting flowers down the aisle, haha. Luckily it’s ten months from tomorrow, so there is plenty of time to prep for this adult-like honor, haha.

Well that’s all I got for Monday thoughts so far….more to come later…..

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