In Today’s Random Headlines….

  • Super Suri Cruise is going to be a Gap model! The first celeb baby to do so, eva! Granted I wish it was Violet, she’s my number one favorite Hollywood baby.
  • Mandy and John! I don’t know how I feel about this. Granted I love them both and I definitely love Mandy more than I like Jessica.
  • According to several sites, the ring Spencer got Heidi (Hills talk again) is made of fake diamonds and either cost $770 or $2,800 and not the whopping amount he was bragging about. For someone that has “so much money” he had to borrow Brody’s credit card to even buy that awful thing, what a poser. Heck and now I just read that they’re not really engaged! Stupid Spendi (haha yes Spencer + Heidi has now become Spendi, and I have coined it, woot), just go away already and please tell me that rumors of getting your own show are only rumors.
  • The Dodgers are sucking the life out of their fans by continuing their downward spiral of losing. Gah.
  • Now I’m all for making fun of LiLo because she is basically asking for it, but I think this guy and his poster may have gone a little too far. But you can decide that one.
  • Drew is having some problems on the set of TPIR already. Let’s hope this isn’t a sign for the rest of his career.