It’s going to be a good season.

Last night was the season three premiere of The Hills and man was it good. Granted the previews for the whole season look even better. Let’s recap what happened shall we….

  • Whitney has the new job at TeenVogue (surprise, surprise), and is basically Lauren’s boss.
  • Lauren hasn’t talked to Heidi since she moved out.
  • Lauren and Heidi have a “blow out” at Les Deux (and as much as I love Lauren, her line of arguing “you know what you did!” was pretty lame, but still entertaining).
  • Spencer decided to “decorate” the apartment walls, and by decorate he had his buddies do graffiti art all over the place (ghetto!). I laughed out loud at that one, the look on Heidi’s face was pretty priceless.
  • Spencer took Heidi to Santa Barbara where he proposed to her (gag!). And it wasn’t even that romantic! He said “I want to spend the rest of my life with you, so I bought you this” and gives her a gaudy ring and then says “I don’t even know which hand this goes on.” Could he be more of a tool!?
  • Audrina has a potential ‘new’ boyfriend (a boy from her past who has supposedly changed his ways), so we’ll see where that one goes.

And that all happened within one hour! Haha. And then there was a preview for what’s to come this season and basically Heidi and Lauren bitch about each other, Spencer is an douche, Jason comes back into the picture for Lauren, Lo (my favorite!) is there for Lauren more, and basically Drama Drama Drama.

Like I’ve said before, I can’t really explain why I love The Hills so much, I just do. At least I know I’m not the only twenty something girl that watches this show, there are many of us out there that I will be conversing with Tuesday mornings to discuss the night’s episode. And even though I can already tell that I am going to spend many of my Monday nights yelling at the TV (more directly at Spencer and Heidi) or laughing out loud at those crazy kids, and I will enjoy every moment of it.

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