you make my day.

So has introduced this newish feature to their homepage where there is some celebrity in the bottom left corner of the page and then there are 5 fun facts about them. And once you click on it there is even a full out chronology of their path to stardom, it’s kind of interesting actually. And you guessed it, today’s celebrity is Keanu Reeves, love it. So here, are some of the Keanu facts of the day….

  • Keanu is a Hawaiin name which means “cool breezes over the mountains.”
  • In 1994, a professor at the Art Center College in Pasadena, Calif., introduced a course called “Films of Keanu Reeves.” Each week the students studied the “cultural nuances” of his then 16-film body of work. (I need to take this class, haha)
  • For nearly his first decade in show business, Keanu Reeves did not rent or own a home. Between films, he would either take a room at L.A.’s famous Chateau Marmont hotel or crash at his sister Kim’s home.
  • To show his gratitude for their work on the two Matrix sequels, Keanu Reeves bought each of his 12 stuntmen a Harley-Davidson motorcycle.

So there is plenty more Keanu I could share, but I already know it all, haha. And I have some work to get to. So enjoy!