Best night in Hollywood history.

So I started planning out what I was going to say in this blog last night and continued on my very rushed drive to work this morning (ya Matt and I both turned our alarms off and I woke up frantically because I had about 15 minutes to get ready, always a blast). Anyhoo, last night was probably the best “Hollywood” experience I have ever had. Megan and I went to Common’s CD release party (Megan works for his publicist and basically had all the ins for this one, so that’s always nice, thanks Megan, haha) and it was at this club/bar/lounge called ONE Sunset, it was uber swankified and nice. We got there pretty early to avoid the rush (and guarantee getting in) which was fine with me because I got to see what the place looked like before it filled up with tons of people.

So we’re there for a bit and decide to head on over to the bar while it wasn’t crowded, we order our drinks and basically say I’ll get the first round, she can pay for the second. Well the bartender gives us our drinks and walks away. We stayed there a bit deciding if we had to pay or not, because it wasn’t really clear, and them like light shining down from the heavens two of the most glorious words put together were said “Open Bar.” Right there made the party awesome, drinks at those kind of bars usually run at like 12$ a pop or something, so basically free drinks=amazing. At that point I really didn’t care if I saw any celebs, because drinks were free, the music was hot and the place was cool….

Oh but there were celebrities. And needless to say, although I can barely see things far away these days, my celeb radar was on full alert last night, haha. So here goes, haha….first up, Megan and I were justing chilling on the couches and I look over to the DJ booth and it’s none other that ?uestlove (er however you spell his name), the guy from The Roots, awesome and then look over and I see Bai Ling walk by. I don’t even know what she is famous for, but she is becoming the new Tara Reid, showing up at random parties and doing crazy things. Anyhoo, so then Megan and I stealthily move ourselves closer to the front bar to hang out and people watch as people came in the front door and who do we pass on our way up…Ryan Reynolds!! He was so tall and scruffy and carrying a motorcycle helmet, love it. Basically he is uber cute in person and I ran into him, holler.

Okay so after Ryan celebs just started flowing in the door… I saw (in no particular order) Chris Rock, Kanye West and fiance (I’m assuming that’s who she was), P.Diddy’s ex man handler Fonzworth Bentley, Sleepy Brown (who looks exactly like he does in the Outkast videos, haha, hence the only reason I knew who he was), Tracee Ellis Ross (Diana’s daughter, who looks just like her) and her half brother Evan, Tanika Ray (the Extra host/correspondent/aka my TV idol) and Wood Harris (aka Julius from Remember the Titans, ya I don’t think he’s done much since that, but can apparently still afford weed because he was hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigh, haha).

So basically the rest of the night I just kind of watched to see who the paparazzi guy was taking pictures of (granted I couldn’t be too sure, because heck he took Megan and I’s picture earlier in the night…well he could just be a psychic and know that we are going to be famous one day and could have that to sell to People when they write my life story, haha.) Anyhoo, so of course, the man of the hour arrived (not as tall as I thought he was), Common. He was pretty cool, posed for some pics then made his way to the back of the bar.

And eventually Megan and I (and her singer cousin that we ran into randomly) made our way to the back of the bar as well to go say hi to Common. So he was uber nice, talked to Megan a bit, we eventually got a picture with him (which I will post manana) and that was cool. Even funnier though was that some guy stepped on my foot (and it hurt pretty bad) and I turn around to see who it was, and it was Apple, from The Black Eyed Peas, haha. And Will.I.Am. was standing right next to him. Classic. He was super apologetic and felt bad, I said it was okay, and laughed it off. So we hung out a bit longer, I saw another random guy from Smokin’ Aces and then right as we were leaving I saw Keith Robinson, from Dreamgirls. He was so nice (and pretty cute, haha), and I just told him that I thought he was a great singer and nice to meet him (the usual lame worshiping, haha). And according to my napkin (haha, yes I wrote down all these random people on a napkin, because I am that cool and didn’t want to forget anything) that’s about all that went down last night, haha. Oh, I did get a free copy of Common’s CD as I was leaving, so that was nice too, haha.

So basically Megan is awesome (Thanks Megan! maybe you’ll actually read my blog now because I thanked you, haha), the party rocked, and I am exhausted. Gotta love it.

And feel free to check Common out: