I couldn’t have said it better myself….

So as everyone should know (unless you were in a cave) that Lindsay Lohan got her second DUI last week and the story behind it all was just so weird. So weird, that I neglected to really blog about it, because in my opinion she is just another celubutante that doesn’t know what to do with all the power/money/unlimited access that she has. However once I read this article about Rob Schneider I felt the need to mention it. Last week LiLo was suposed to go on Leno, but was arrested and couldn’t make it, instead Rob showed up dressed up as Lindsay complete with a SCRAM device. Apparently this didn’t make Mama Lohan too happy and she had a hissy fit about Jay and Rob making fun of her daughter when she is “really in trouble.” Gag me Dina. All in all I agree with Rob and he says it best:
“When Mrs. Lohan stops partying with her child, then I’ll have an ounce of respect for her,” Schneider tells PEOPLE.

Nice job Rob.