I heart Fridays.

I love Fridays. They are really a great thing. Today at work we had a BBQ, love it. It’s so hot outside too, even better. And now the end of the day is approaching and my weekend of birthdays, bars and random happenings can ensue. Woo. So really not much to report on the Hollywood level. Just some babies being born, Lindsay Lohan news (gag), Whoopi might be on the view, Nicole Richie gets jail time (yawn) and that’s about it in a nutshell….

Oh but wait! PopSugar, you know how to make a good day even better, ah! Love it!

Yes you are seeing it right. My man Joshua Jackson has emerged from the depths of wherever he has been hiding and has stepped out with (on again girlfriend?) Diane Kruger! Granted he looks like he needs some sleep, a tan and a different scarf, he is still Pacey Whitter, love it.

Ah well this just made my Friday afternoon, hope you all have a fabulous weekend.

Woo weekend!