YouTube Debate?

So for anyone that knows me knows that I could basically care less about politics. I vote because I can and sometimes pay attention to who I’m voting for. Other times my mom or friends tell me who I should vote for and I usually just do that. Honestly, I don’t really care, but I know that I should, and lately I really have been trying to have some sort of interest in politics. I guess I have mainly been doing this because the presidential race is everywhere in the news and pretty much impossible to hide from (even though the vote doesn’t happen until next year). So lately, I have read the stories on CNN about candidates and taken some interest in people’s policies and ideas, etc, but I’m still not completely impressed.
However, today as I was looking around as I usually do, my interest was peaked with their lead story “Electorate can show true colors on YouTube debate.” I guess that the seven runners for the Democratic nomination for president are in a debate tonight where the questions were submitted via YouTube from your “Everyday Joe’s”, which I think is pretty cool. I also think it’s pretty funny that it is a YouTube debate since a week or so ago CNN ran a story talking about how YouTube was getting some politicians in trouble because it was catching stuff that shouldn’t be shown nationwide. Anyhoo, just wanted to share that fun fact I found today, I doubt I will watch the debate, more likely read the highlights or something tomorrow, but I thought I’d get the word out there.

Peace out.