Reminiscing indeed.

Okay so I just read Kiki’s most recent post of le day and man it took me back. All the clips she has up of cartoons that I watched religiously after school (and even before school) and of course on Saturday mornings definitely took me back to childhood indeed. Takes me back to when my hardest decisions were picking out clothes for my Barbies (because their clothes were definitely more important than mine) or what game to play at recess (because I can tell you, there were tons of options, haha). However, I thought about it a lot, if I could go back to my childhood and do it over I’m not sure I would. Granted it was a carefree and easy time, I much prefer to jump back just a few years in my life.

I have to say that high school and college were probably the best times in my life (and yes I know, my life hasn’t been that long at the ripe ole age of 23, but still). High school was amazing pure and simple. Granted it was tough academically, but I made it out and enjoyed every minute I was there. And college, I can’t even sum up college in a few phrases. For some reason my mind has been wandering back to college lately and it really is impossible to put everything that happened in four years into one phrase or sentence or heck even one blog post, haha. I know my case is one in a few but I was fortunate to have fabulous roommates and friends throughout my entire collegiate career which I know greatly contributed to my amazing experience. I don’t really know where I am going with this post besides the fact that I miss college so much and all the silly little details that made it so amazing….

more simply I miss…
being able to walk to my friends’ rooms at any given time of day just to hang out
seeing random people in the dining hall
random dance parties that arose in the middle of chaotic studying
putting up ridiculous away messages (and reading other people’s), haha
participating in some form of crazy behavior every Friday and Saturday night
going to the grocery store at midnight
always having my door open for people to come visit
having a radio show
being in gospel choir
seeing random comedians/performance/concerts randomly throughout the school year
Sunday morning brunches (no explanation needed)
bonding over crazy professors
Fellows during finals
my Mitchell encounters
and about a bagillion kagillion more, haha…

Oh man I don’t even know why I put that all up because only a few people will really know what all of it means. Basically the gist of it is that lately, as much as I love life right now I simply miss the simple comforts my college life gave me. And I really hate the fact that almost all of my close college friends are on the other side of the country, which basically makes me miss college more.

So. I really didn’t mean this post to come out like this, I sound like such a whiner. So I’m not going to end like that. I’m going to end with a music video, a music video I had actually never seen until today but the song was a staple of many a dance party or party party back in the day, so here goes…
Sophie Ellis Bextor “Murder on the Dancefloor”…