Hoot Hoot.

I’m wearing a necklace very similar to this one today:

And I must say, I am a fan. I got it at the Clothing Swap I went to last week that was put on by a coworkers wife and I have been trying to find something to wear it with ever since, haha. Today I am wearing a maroon colored t shirt over an aqua/turquoise tank top and a black skirt, accompanied by my stellar gold sandals and the lovely large owl necklace and I think I look pretty darn cool today. Okay well maybe not totally stylish, but at least a little bit cool, maybe even indie hip? Who knows?…because I sure don’t, haha.

Anyhoo I just wanted to share because I’ve gotten a couple different reactions today, mainly positive, and some just shocked I am wearing something so flashy and big, haha. But hey, you gotta change it up once and a while.

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