ID please?

So a somewhat embarrassing thing happened yesterday. Well it really wasn’t that embarrassing but enough to make me want to blog about it briefly. So for a “meeting” with my department at work yesterday our boss takes us to the Bar and Grill down the street (sweet I know). I walked over there with a few coworkers and the boss and as soon as we got there we all got to order drinks.
The bartender took some orders from people on the other end while I was still debating my drink order. And by the time I finally did give the bartender my order she looks at me and is like “Can I see your ID please?”. What!? Not a single other person got asked for their ID, only me, haha. And I’m 23! Okay, granted that’s not that much older than 21, and I basically look like I’m 18 and have been mistaken for 16, but still, in front of my coworkers who are older (and by older they’re like 25ish to 29ish), mildly embarrassing.
However I recovered from this embarrassment as the bartender told me what everyone tells me “You’re going to love looking so young in 10 years when you still get carded”, woo hoo, I can’t wait. Haha. Okay I’m really not bitter about being carded, I just want to point out that I will probably be carded for the next 20 or so years of my life. Sweet.