CNN you are making my day….

Like I mentioned last week, has introduced a new section, Funny News, and man is it funny alright. My past two posts have been exerts from that section. And I have another one that I just have to put in. But a little back story first…

A couple months ago I was summoned for jury duty. And let’s just say, it was quite the experience. For anyone that talked to me during that time knew that it was basically like a circus. I had to go four days and was never once called up to be interviewed (whew.) However, the whole time I waited in the audience I contemplated what I might say that could possibly help me get out of serving on a jury, haha. Honestly, me on a jury? Granted it would be like Law and Order just a lot less glamorous and no Elliot Stabler to admire, I still didn’t want to do it. I had friends and coworkers giving me tips and things I should say if I actually were called up, but luckily I never had to. However, as reports, this guy was not as fortunate and an all around idiot. Haha.