And 1 and 2 and 3 and 4…..

So for anyone who doesn’t know, I have given in to the masses (and the scale in my parents bathroom) and have decided to join a gym. It’s kind of a crazy thought, me at a gym, haha. However, I have gone a couple times and enjoyed it. And every time I try on something of mine that used to fit perfectly and doesn’t anymore, I feel more inclined to go walk really fast uphill on that treadmill or ride a bike or elliptical myself or do some crunches. And even better I joined 24 hour Fitness with my boyfriend and my best friend is already a member there and a couple of my other friends work out there as well, so it’s basically going to be a party, er maybe a club, Club 24 perhaps (I stole that). Anyhoo, I’m just hoping it works out for the best and I get my lazy ass in shape, woot.

And let’s hope I don’t feel like this most days: