Rhys: Ten Months.

by katelin on January 18, 2019

UntitledLast week (on the 9th), Rhys turned TEN MONTHS OLD. We are so close to having a one year old it’s slightly terrifying. But also exciting. But more like terrifying.


– Is the cutest little chomper around. Seriously, this kid has five teeth and loves to use them. He is a biter. It’s quite painful. But really, it needs to stop.

– Cruises. All over the place. Sofas and tables are his preferred methods of moving, and lately even a little sturdy walker. I feel like any day now he’ll actually be walking. I’m so not ready, but at the same time, maybe a little.

– Claps and waves and dances. And he’s just the happiest little goofball around.

– Is still eyebrow-less. It’s hilarious.
– Celebrated his first Christmas like a champ. He was trekked around with us to lights and Santa visits and parties and he made it. When actual Christmas rolled around, he was doted on by family and didn’t care at all about presents or boxes or even the paper.

– Is in 18 month clothing already. It’s bonkers. He’s such a little chunk and growing so fast and every time I pack away clothes I get a little sad. But I also love bringing out the new batch. So many cute clothes!

– Eats like it’s his job. His hand/eye coordination is getting good and watching him actually pick out what he wants to eat is so fun.
– Doesn’t sleep. His naps are minimal. And his nighttime sleep is still laughable. He starts out in his crib but most nights ends up in our room.

– Says “Mama” and “Dada” and sometimes it seems like he’s using them right, other times it’s just babbling. But it’s super freaking cute either way.

– Has gotten so many bonks on his head and scratches on his face. This kid is so going to be our little daredevil.

– So desperately wants to keep up with Riley. He’s trying. And when he’s not trying to get into everything Riley’s doing, he’s laughing at Riley or he’s trying to keep tabs on Riley.


– Survived the holidays, just barely.

– Ended the year with Liane Moriarty’s new book and I was a big fan.

– Kicked off the year with Matt at Harry Potter World. It was truly a magical day in a truly magical place.
Untitled– Am on the hunt for more freelance work. My work got scaled back right before the holidays and it’s been a bit of a bummer, but I’m looking. I’m even starting to look at full-time work again. Who knows. I just wish someone could decide my career path for me already.

– Am ready for a nap. Or more coffee. Or both. Always.



happy weekend!

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The Holiday Numbers (Vol. 6)

by katelin on January 4, 2019

Well, hello there 2019. Good to see you already. I can’t believe you’re really here. I also don’t know what happened to December. In any case, the holidays have come and gone, but really, still kind of feel like they’re here (at least for one more weekend – and our house is still decorated). So with that, here goes my annual holiday recap of sorts:

Number of times I watched The Holiday: 5
Number of times I watched Love Actually: 3
Snow Days: Just 1. This year took no corralling and Riley was so excited to play in the snow. A kid next to him was helping him make snowballs (since I forgot to bring gloves) and Riley had a ball throwing them at the wall.
Books Read: 2. I devoured Paula Hawkins’ Into the Water and then Liane Moriarty’s newest Nine Perfect Strangers.
Visits with Santa: 4. Somehow we went to a few different events where Santa was present. Rhys was fine the first time and then wanted nothing to do with him from then on out, ha. Riley, on the other hand, cautiously told Santa his wishlist (an umbrella) every time he saw himUntitledNumber of times we danced to “All I Want For Christmas”: 7. At least. This song came on frequently and we danced to it every time, fake microphones in hand as well.
Visits to the Festival of Lights: 2. We were lucky enough to visit the Arboretum in the daytime with our Parent Ed class and again at night with my family. It was truly magical and so much fun to see all the light displays.IMG_7998Times I happy cried: At least five. Watching Riley get so excited about all things Christmas truly made me happy. The joy of seeing that Santa came on Christmas morning was truly priceless.
Times I actually cried: Probably twice. Once being when I thought Riley broke his arm and he was crying so hard and I got emotional. And sweet mercy, what are the holidays like without a trip to urgent care, right?
Number of sweets consumed: Not even sure this can even be quantified. There were definitely some days that my lunch consisted of just cookies.
Attempts to get this photo: 11. Seriously, getting a baby to sit still under a Christmas tree is basically impossible.UntitledNumber of Christmas books read: At least 40. Riley and Rhys both got a handful of new ones and we read Christmas books every day in December.
Times I stayed up past midnight: Too many. I stayed up late working or wrapping or doing cards or watching Christmas movies. I even made it to midnight on New Year’s Eve.
Family photos taken on Christmas: ZERO. Major fail. I guess I’ll just have to settle on our family pic from our tacky sweater party instead.Untitled
And how were your holidays? Good books? Snow days? Crazy Christmas garbs?


happy friday! 

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Rhys: Nine Months.

December 13, 2018

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November 29, 2018

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Rhys: Eight Months

November 16, 2018

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The Wedding Date.

November 6, 2018

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On the move.

October 25, 2018

Tweet See that little face? That is the face of a kid who crawled on over there. He’s CRAWLING. Sweet mercy, help. I knew it would happen soon, he was so close for so long, but as of Saturday, we have a crawler on our hands. And I have to get vacuuming. And baby proofing. […]

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Rhys: Seven Months.

October 17, 2018

TweetShhhhhhhhh somehow my baby is seven months old (as of last week, sorry second kid). I swear, I’m going to blink and he’ll be one. This is going by so incredibly fast and I’m just so grateful this little nugget joined our family. He: – Sits up and is so dang close to crawling it’s […]

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