Tag: WTFness

  • A Bee Story.

    Bees are assholes. Excuse my language, but they are. Yes I LOVE honey, more than I probably should but that doesn’t make me love bees. And why am I talking about bees? Because on Monday evening I experienced my FOURTH bee sting. And it’s comical. And ridiculous. As have all of my previous bee stings. […]

  • Simply Fabulous in Hollywood.

    A Hollywood post? On a Tuesday? It is possible! Hark! Starting out this week in cuteness we have the always fashionable and tre adorable Suri Cruise. In other cuteness we have NPH’s precious (and somewhat matching) family enjoying vacation. Seriously those kids are so cute and also, quite fashionable.  Suri agrees.   In other Hollywood […]

  • Where’s Hollywood?

    Two weeks in a row of Hollywood news? Aren’t you so impressed? You should be. Before you know it I’ll be back to blogging like normal with Hollywood and wine reviews and just, well actually let’s not get too ahead of ourselves okay? Anyhoo, starting off this week in cuteness we have Chris Hemsworth (swoon) […]

  • Welcome Back Hollywood.

    So remember when I used to post about Hollywood ALL OF THE TIME. Yeah, I’m sorry about that. It’s been a while. And I’m back. And I missed good ole Hollywoodland chat. So never fear, this one is a doozy, we’ve got lots of catch up on. So here we go. Starting out this week’s […]

  • Smooches for Hollywood.

    Oh hey Hollywood. We’re already a day late. So let’s get to it already. Chris Hemsworth and his bebe daughter are just SO CUTE. I mean it’s Thor, with a baby. It will never not be cute. And then we have my favorite Jen Garner, with little Samuel is out trotting on his own. Seriously […]

  • Rise & Shine Hollywood.

    So remember when I haven’t had an actual Hollywood post since January!? Sweet mercy how did that. I mean there has been plenty to talk about, just not enough time to share it all. So, let’s fix that shall we? In today’s uber cute we have the Affleck family, my favorites enjoying a nice afternoon […]

  • A Most Fabulous Day for Hollywood.

    Oh Hollywood. How’s it going? I see the New Year is treating you just right and giving me all sorts of goodness to share. So here we go. Starting out this week’s cuteness we have Eric Dane kissing daughter Georgia on the cheek. Did you melt? I did. Oh McSteamy we miss you. Also bringing […]

  • A New Year, Same Hollywood.

    Oh hello, Hollywood. So good to see you again. It’s a new year which means even more Hollywood ridiculousness. So here we go. Starting off the new year of cuteness we have my favorite little sisters, Violet and Seraphina Affleck enjoying Sera’s birthday at Disneyland. Seriously, they are still the sweetest. Also bringing some serious […]