Tag: when did i become an adult?

  • It’s a Good Day for a Good Day

    Guys. I feel like every day when I wake up something more horrible has happened. Whether it be a hurricane, a fire, a shooting or some new asinine thing our ridiculous president has said or done. It. Is. Exhausting. And between world news and some personal life ish (a child who wakes up too early, […]

  • My Revised Resume.

    The other day while I was working on my resume, I realized, it was missing a few things. I mean, if I was to be totally honest my resume would be pretty amazing with all my new added qualifications and skills. So here goes: I would definitely include this photo because it shows that I […]

  • Here We Are.

    I’m going to be frank, Matt and I are in a bit of a rut. Yesterday, it came to a head. We realized that we’ve been talking around each other and being indifferent and ultimately we’re fighting over things we don’t even understand. We’re both stressed, we’re both sick and we’re both tired. HI – we’re […]

  • Treat Yo Self.

    So Tuesday was my birthday. And it was exactly the day I wanted it to be. I woke up before Riley and left Matt at home to get myself a free Starbucks. When I was ordering my venti vanilla iced latte I decided to add another shot of espresso and another shot of vanilla, the […]

  • Thirty Three.

    Today I turn thirty three. The past year has been full of ups and downs and everything in between. Today I’m spending my birthday holed up in a spa. I’m getting a massage. I’m treating myself to lunch. I’m going to read a book. And tonight I’m going to go out for a birthday drink. […]

  • A Bit of a Birthday Wishlist.

    My thirty third birthday is two weeks away. And per usual I’ve got a wishlist. A little on the grand side this year, but sometimes you’ve gotta dream big, right? Right. Tickets to Harry Potter World. You guys, for years Matt and I had season passes to Universal Studios and of course once I got […]

  • I Voted.

    Being an adult is always something I’ve struggled with. Yes, it has its perks – eating whatever you want (or whatever you can afford), making your own decisions, watching whatever you want to, being your own boss. However, being an adult also has some downsides – BILLS. That’s really the biggest one, ha. This election […]

  • Just Pretend.

    At thirty two years old, the following things are true: I own exactly one pair of high heels (and I last wore them five years ago). I don’t remember the last time I purchased makeup. Before yesterday, I didn’t own a good LBD (Little Black Dress). I’ve never waxed or plucked anything. I don’t own a […]