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  • The Wedding Date.

    I have about three drafts waiting to be finished, a book that needs to be read, TV shows I can’t wait to start (House of Cards, Sabrina, Great British Baking Show), dishes that need to be put away and an apartment that desperately needs a vacuum. Basically, I feel like I have a whole lot […]

  • Staying Afloat.

    Do you ever have that feeling where you constantly feel like you’re playing catch up? Because yeah, that’s how I feel like life has been for the past two weeks. Constantly trying to stay afloat. Don’t get me wrong, it’s been a fun few weeks. But it’s also had hints of stress, an insane amount […]

  • 2,922 Days.

    Eight years later and our wedding is still my favorite day. Eight years later and we’re still just as silly (maybe a bit more delirious now). Eight years later and you still look damn sexy in a suit.Eight years later and you never judge my sweet tooth (okay, maybe you do, just a little). Eight […]

  • 2,557 Days.

    Seven years later and our wedding day is still my favorite. Seven years later and we’re really tired (thanks Riley). Seven years later and our family room picnics are my favorite thing. Seven years later and our dance parties are more kids music than anything else, but you’re still my favorite dance partner. Seven years […]

  • Because It’s Never Bad to Share Good Things.

    Life has been a bit rocky lately, and I’m not just talking about the election. So in light of that, I’ve been working on looking at the good things. Remembering the good things. Sharing the good things. So that’s what today is all about: THE GOOD THINGS. Celebrity sightings: I saw Darby Stanchfield at a […]

  • Before Your Wedding.

    Dear Megan, Tomorrow you’re getting married! MARRIED! Ahhhhhhh! More like Eeeeeeeeeee! I had all these grand plans of writing you an amazing blog post that summed up our friendship and how excited I am for you and JR, but you know, life happened. Also, I figured, I should probably save something for my speech tomorrow, ha. […]

  • 2192 Days.

    Six years later and we still have a lot to laugh about. Six years later and I still think about our wedding day every time we go to someone else’s (shhhh don’t tell). Six years later and you’ll always be my favorite slow dance partner. Six years later and I still think about our vows and […]

  • 1826 Days.

    Five years later and I’m still amazed I that I didn’t cry during our wedding. Five years later and I cry every time I look at our photos or rewatch clips from that day. I make zero sense.     Five years later and I still think that we had one hell of a party. Five […]