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  • The Holiday Numbers (Vol. 6)

    Well, hello there 2019. Good to see you already. I can’t believe you’re really here. I also don’t know what happened to December. In any case, the holidays have come and gone, but really, still kind of feel like they’re here (at least for one more weekend – and our house is still decorated). So […]

  • Currently.

    Enjoying: Time with family and friends. Last night we finally went to a music in the park and it was delightful. It was one of those summer things I’d always wanted to do and we finally got our act in gear to do it. My mom and my aunt joined us, as did my best […]

  • On Loss.

    A week ago Monday my grandma passed away at the age of 104. She would have been 105 this Friday. So needless to say, last week was a weird one. I saw her the Sunday before she died and basically just spent an hour holding her hand while she slept. I didn’t really even say […]

  • The Week of Things.

    I know it’s already Wednesday, but you guys, the past week has been full of things. Awesome things. Fun things. A whole lot of wonderful things. Last Thursday night, I saw Craig David in concert for the fifth time. And it was just as amazing as it sounds. It was a late night but it was […]

  • Happy Easter Bunny!

    It’s been no secret that I’ve been having some really good days and some pretty rough days. These past few days were a crazy combination of both. For the first time in a long time we stayed in town for Easter. Usually we go to the desert with Matt’s family and this year we stayed around […]

  • Hello, It’s Me.

    It’s taken me five days into the new year to start to find my footing. I feel like the last three weeks have been a total whirlwind. The holidays have always been fun for me, but they’re also exhausting and leave me feeling like I’m constantly playing catch up. Despite the fact that Christmas is still […]

  • The Holidays vs. The Holidays

    Last week when I was putting up our Christmas decorations, I made an offhanded comment to Matt about how different it was to decorate this year. Usually I kick Matt out and would get everything up and decorated in one afternoon. This year, it was a couple days process to get everything and I still […]


    Pretty sure that once Thanksgiving happens the rest of the year just moves in warp speed. It’s insanity. I feel like I have to remind myself to take a step back every now and then, breathe and sit down. At the same time, there are SO MANY thing I’m looking forward to in the next […]