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  • Three days of Magic.

    Three day weekends are in fact the best thing ever. And this past one just made me love them even more. So three day weekends, let’s be a thing. A more often thing. Because I really do love you. Friday: A day off, hurrah! I spent my morning running errands and being productive, while my […]

  • Oh yeah, the weekend.

    No recap yesterday? Who am I? It’s weird right? Yeah I thought so too. So anyways, my weekend. Let’s discuss shall we? Friday: After THAT KIND OF WEEK Matt and I decided to make Friday night a date night in. We redecorated a bit (seriously it’s becoming an obsession really) and watched some DVRed shows […]

  • The Orlando Adventure.

    So I was totally going to write a Wino Wednesday yesterday but then the whole ear thing and the exhaustion thing too over and clearly none of it happened. So now it’s Thursday and I still haven’t fully recapped the awesome weekend that was almost a week ago in Orlando. I mean what!? Anyhoo. Weekend […]

  • A Wizardy Bachelorette Snippet.

    So I realized I failed to mention that my weekend adventures would yet again take me on a plane and leave me utterly exhausted. I spent the weekend celebrating the bacheloretteness of my friend Zoe in Orlando. You guys. It was awesome. Despite the fact that I have swimmer’s ear and can’t hear out of […]

  • An oh so much needed weekend.

    So hey. Weekends. They’re always awesome. You know what? They’re even more awesome when you’ve had a ridiculous week with a ridiculous accident that’s pretty much left you exhausted. So weekend recap, here we go. Friday: I worked from home for the third day in a row (this accident has left me car-less and rental-car-less […]

  • A little patriotic and a whole lot of awesome.

    Okay so we’re already at Wednesday but I still want to talk about my weekend, because it was a long weekend and a fun one and most definitely worth a blog post. So here we go. Friday: Well. Since it was the Friday before a holiday no one was really in the office. As in […]

  • Quite a movie weekend.

    It’s a little ridiculous how much I enjoy weekends. I enjoy weekends almost as much as I enjoy sleep and going to the movies. And luckily this past weekend I got to a whole lot of all of that and it was fabulous. Friday: Got off early from work and about 3.5 seconds after I […]

  • My kind of weekend.

    Oh weekend, you always leave too soon. But per usual you were lovely and you are so very missed already. So a recap shall we? Sure, let’s go! Friday: Oh what a big day at work. We had to pack up the office and clean up for the big move on Monday. So basically the […]