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  • Holidaytime is a Good Time.

    Christmas tree lightings. Fake snow. And a whole lot of smiling. That’s basically what the weekend was made of. And it was delightful. Friday: A lazy, lazy day, followed by a lazy, lazy evening. Seriously, we didn’t do a whole lot. We caught up on the DVR, made some dinner, got in our pajamas way […]

  • Weekend & Some Things.

    Let’s petition to make weekends longer. Sound like a plan? Yes? Yes. Friday: I find it hard to get motivated on Friday nights, hence why on the pajama pants go on sooner and I get cozied up under my favorite blanket. We spent the night enjoying alfredo pasta and watching recorded shows on the DVR […]

  • And We Had a Really Really Good Time.

    Don’t ever comment on how healthy you’ve been, ever. And don’t think your immune system is the best, because it’s not. I learned this the hard way. And I’m slowly coming back, slowly but surely. So. Weekend. Remember that? Let’s recap. Friday: A glorious day off. A day off where I slept in, ran errands, […]

  • It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas.

    You guys. I feel like Christmas. I’ve watched Christmas movies and specials and it’s cold outside and just, yes. I’m very quickly checking things off my December to-do list and it’s just delightful. Friday: Date night. A very Christmas date night actually. Matt and I enjoyed a deliciously cozy meal at one of my favorite […]

  • Laugh. Drop. And Roll.

    Weekends are funny things. Well crazy things. That can be funny. And let’s talk a bit about it. Friday: As a part of my anniversary gift to Matt I got us tickets to see Kevin Smith and Ralph Garman film their podcast, Hollywood Babble-On. The show didn’t start until 10:30 but we got to the […]

  • Shine a little brighter.

    Weekends are apparently the time to either do everything or do nothing or you know, a little bit in between. Friday: After a ridiculously busy week at work I was quite ready to enjoy a quiet night at home. Matt and I ventured out and enjoyed some delicious grilled cheese sandwiches (and lobsta rolls). We […]

  • A little bit of Christmas.

    You guys, Christmas is so close! And weekends are still awesome! So there’s that. Friday: Matt and I both took the day off of work to get lots and lots of Christmas shopping done. And oh were we the champions of Christmas. Really, just call us Santa’s elves because we got 90% of our list […]

  • Pumpkins & lazy day things.

    First of all, before I get into any weekending I have to say thank you. Thank you for all the kind words on my last post and just, thanks. This weekend was very much a low key relaxing one since I just wasn’t feeling all that festive but it was still a good one. Friday: […]