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  • Let’s Get Famous Hollywood.

    It’s Wednesday but it feels like Tuesday and there’s a WHOLE LOT of celebrity news today. So just be warned, this post will be long and photo filled and probably involve a lot of CAPS LOCKED EMOTIONS as well. Here we go. Starting out this week’s bebe cuteness we have to start with the young […]

  • Let’s just eat vegan Mac&Cheese, go to Justin Timberlake’s house to hang out & call it a day.

    Long weekends are a good thing. They’re even better when you felt like crap the whole week before and just want to sleep and watch movies and you know, typical sick person things. Friday: After a very long, sick week I made it home to relax a bit before mustering up some energy to enjoy […]

  • Twi-Everything.

    So just when you thought I was getting back on track to regular Hollywood posting I go and pull a fast one. Well really, a Twilight one. But I mean, if you think about it, I HAD TO. Everybody has their thing. Their favorite. Yes, I have many favorites/obsessions but Twilight has very much been […]

  • Aces & Diamonds.

    So. Those weekends where you have every emotion on the scale of emotions? Yes. Those. I had one. And let’s just say, I’m still recovering. Thursday: Made the trek with my coworker Meghan to Palm Springs (more specifically The oh-so-fabulous ACE Hotel) for Camp Mighty. We were both fortunate enough to attend due to our […]

  • A Sparkling Return to Hollywood.

    A Hollywood post?? Seriously? Finally! Yes! Hurrah! Oh the news I have missed sharing and reading and just man the last month and a half was nuts, it’s nice to get bak on schedule. So with that, here we go: Starting off this week’s bebe cuteness we have my favorite, Violet Affleck. I mean she […]

  • A wee bit of Hollywood shenanigans.

    So Hollywood stuff. There’s lots of it. And this will my last for a while since I won’t be posting on our trip and once I get back it’s probably all I’ll want to talk about so hopefully this will tide you all over for a bit. And here we go. Starting out this week’s […]

  • Swizzle Swizz Holllywoodizzle.

    A Hollywood post! On an actual Tuesday! Huzzah! In  uber cuteness we have Kate Hudson’s littlest man, Bingham. Seriously, this little dude is sort of adorable and I just want to squeeze those cheeks! Precious! In some non-baby news but rather sad breakup news, Amy Poehler and Will Arnett are splitting up after nine years […]

  • Spice up Hollywood.

    So it’s Tuesday Wednesday, which means Hollywood day, again, wee! So Hollywood has lots of things and lots of movie news so let’s get to it. Starting off this weeks’ cuteness we have Samuel Affleck! I mean. The little guy has the cutest cheeks that I just want to squeeze and he’s just so freaking […]