Tag: The College Years

  • True Story.

    I don’t remember ever climbing trees successfully as a kid. Whereas my child managed to climb this one all by himself. One time, in college, I called my mom and asked her how to get vomit out of a shirt. She immediately asked me if I was in pregnant. Alas, I was hungover. So so hungover. […]

  • On the Hill.

    Last we spoke, I was professing my love to my alma mater. It’s been a week and I’ve been there and now I’m back and still reeling in the nostalgia. I honestly wish everyone could have the college experience I had. The experience that was so wonderful that makes me want to go back every […]

  • Dear Denison.

    Dear Denison,   Thank you. Thank you for changing my life. Fifteen years ago I visited your campus and fell in love. Fourteen years ago I started my freshmen year and never looked back. This Southern California girl was so out of place, yet so at home in the middle of Ohio. You gave me a […]

  • Thoughts on Things.

    Mother’s Day: I mean yes, this was over a week ago. But Mother’s Day was so special this year. Riley had a sleepover with he grandparents on Saturday, so I got to sleep in on Sunday. I woke up to coffee and donuts and flowers. And it was heavenly. The day was spent with good eats, […]

  • Katelin of 2006 vs. Katelin of 2016

    Yesterday I booked my flight for my TEN year college reunion. Holy shit, TEN YEARS. I honestly don’t know how that happened. And thinking back, I’ve realized A LOT has changed in the past ten years. Clearly there are some obvious changes but let’s talk about some of the other ones:   Katelin of 2006 vs […]

  • The Graduate 2.0

    Dear Kurt A week ago today, you graduated from high school. And I honestly felt like I wrote this post yesterday. When it fact it was four years ago. The fact that you, the baby of the family, are done with high school is just baffling. Seriously, time is ridiculous. And is seriously messing with […]

  • A Letter to My Little Brother.

    Dear Kyle, A week ago you graduated high school. Although I think something must be wrong there because last time I checked I was the one graduating, heading to Ohio and you were the adorable little kindergardener smothering me in hugs in kisses. Alas, we are here and you have  this summer before you head off […]

  • My Single Girl Weekend.

    So I love Matt. I really do. And I love spending time with him. But every now and then I love being completely alone to do whatever I’d like. And this past weekend Matt was in Lake Tahoe for a bachelor party and I made all of one actual plan. It was glorious. I took […]