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  • My TV Binge.

    You guys. I have a confession to make. Since I was laid off in November and have essentially been home since then, I’ve binge watched a lot of television. Like an almost embarrassing amount. And I feel like I should share it with you all. House of Cards. When the newest season came out I […]

  • Some Current Loves.

    I had a whole post ready to go today about things I don’t care about these days (World Cup, 2016 Presidential Election and The World Cup, etc.) but instead I read Becky’s post and realized, why share what I don’t care about? It’s Friday, why not just share what I am loving these days instead. […]

  • Simply Fabulous in Hollywood.

    A Hollywood post? On a Tuesday? It is possible! Hark! Starting out this week in cuteness we have the always fashionable and tre adorable Suri Cruise. In other cuteness we have NPH’s precious (and somewhat matching) family enjoying vacation. Seriously those kids are so cute and also, quite fashionable.  Suri agrees.   In other Hollywood […]

  • The Katelin Effect.

    So we all know The Nicole Effect right? Right. It’s a thing. Well at brunch a few months ago with the ladies, my celebrity encounter stories came up (specifically the Twilight one, because you know, IT’S A BIG ONE – twss) and Nicole said “That’s it! That’s The Katelin Effect!”. And I couldn’t agree with her […]

  • Getting Cheeky with Hollywood.

    Oh Hollywood, you really are a magical place full of ridiculous baby names and awesome music videos. So without further adieu, let’s get started. Starting out this week in cuteness we have Reese Witherspoon with little Tennessee. I’ll be honest, I sort of forgot about this little guy but my goodness is he adorable.  I […]

  • Where’s Hollywood?

    Two weeks in a row of Hollywood news? Aren’t you so impressed? You should be. Before you know it I’ll be back to blogging like normal with Hollywood and wine reviews and just, well actually let’s not get too ahead of ourselves okay? Anyhoo, starting off this week in cuteness we have Chris Hemsworth (swoon) […]

  • Smooches for Hollywood.

    Oh hey Hollywood. We’re already a day late. So let’s get to it already. Chris Hemsworth and his bebe daughter are just SO CUTE. I mean it’s Thor, with a baby. It will never not be cute. And then we have my favorite Jen Garner, with little Samuel is out trotting on his own. Seriously […]

  • Spring Cuddles & Cleaning.

    Weekends are a glorious thing. They really are. Even when I’m dying of a stuffy nose (damn you allergies) and I’m exhausted beyond belief (damn you Nyquil), it’s still a wonderous thing. Friday: After a long week of work I was so happy to meet up with our friend Laura and her daughter Eleanora at […]