Tag: Sandra and Keanu

  • Dear Keanu.

    Dear Keanu, This year marks our twenty year meet-cute*. TWENTY. I remember the day where I was reluctantly dragged to see SPEED on the big screen, complaining that it wasn’t my kind of movie. Oh, how wrong I was. Not only was it my kind of movie, it became MY MOVIE. Honestly, my name is practically […]

  • Dino Pumpkins & Fall-like fun times.

    October is delightful. Weekends are delightful. October weekends have proven to be quite delightful. Sensing a theme over here? Delightful weekends in October. Huzzah. Friday: Started my work day early so my afternoon could be free. And why did I need my afternoon free? Because Matt suggested we catch a matinee of Keanu Reeves’ new […]

  • Things I’d Love to Hear.

    “Of course you can wear your pajama pants all day.” “You’re pregnant!” “Meet your daughter/son!” “You won the lotto, without even playing!” “That perfect job you’ve been looking for, it’s right here and there’s a spot just for you.” “I brought you cupcakes.” “Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock are making another movie together.” “So are […]

  • The Katelin Effect.

    So we all know The Nicole Effect right? Right. It’s a thing. Well at brunch a few months ago with the ladies, my celebrity encounter stories came up (specifically the Twilight one, because you know, IT’S A BIG ONE – twss) and Nicole said “That’s it! That’s The Katelin Effect!”. And I couldn’t agree with her […]

  • Smooches for Hollywood.

    Oh hey Hollywood. We’re already a day late. So let’s get to it already. Chris Hemsworth and his bebe daughter are just SO CUTE. I mean it’s Thor, with a baby. It will never not be cute. And then we have my favorite Jen Garner, with little Samuel is out trotting on his own. Seriously […]

  • Swing, swing, swing Hollywood.

    My goodness, I have been such a Hollywood slacker lately. Can I just blame the heat? Because I’m blaming everything else on it. In any case, today is Tuesday 2.0 so we have Hollywood News 2.0, woo wee and go! Starting off this week’s cuteness we have Suri Cruise with some new friends. I mean. […]

  • Spice up Hollywood.

    So it’s Tuesday Wednesday, which means Hollywood day, again, wee! So Hollywood has lots of things and lots of movie news so let’s get to it. Starting off this weeks’ cuteness we have Samuel Affleck! I mean. The little guy has the cutest cheeks that I just want to squeeze and he’s just so freaking […]

  • A full moon in Hollywood.

    Hey Hollyweird, so nice to see you again. Enough of the small talk let’s get down to business. Bringing some seriously cuteness we have James Van Der Beek having a sit down meal with his daughter Olivia. I mean seriously, this cuteness is too much. Also bringing some serious cutes we have my favorite ladies, […]