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  • 29 is Wine Time.

    Remember that one time we packed up our first apartment, celebrated my birthday and then walked everything over to our new apartment in the span of five days? Yeah, me neither. Because it’s been a blur. A crazy wonderful blur of my birthday and this big new crazy adventure in adulthood. Thursday: My birthday! Wee! […]

  • Let’s just relax a little bit.

    So apparently now all I do is blog about my weekend and then some. But you know what, that’s okay. Weekends are great things. Especially you can cross things off your to-do list and play with babies and just, weekend awesomeness. Friday: A nice quiet night with some wine and the DVR. Not too shabby, […]

  • WiiU Likes to Party.

    Four years ago I hosted my first Nintendo sponsored event. FOUR YEARS AGO! How is that even possible? And in those four years Nintendo (Brand About Town) has given me all sorts of goodies and fun opportunities. The most recent opportunity came last weekend when they offered to let me host a party for the […]

  • Gold Stars & Streamers.

    You know those weekends that when you get to Sunday you wonder where the rest of it all went? Yeah, I had one of those. And I’m already ready for another one. Friday: Since neither of us wanted to cook or do anything productive Matt and I got some fancy hot dogs for dinner, came […]

  • Lessons from the week.

    If you ever get a gel manicure, don’t [I repeat – DO NOT] peel off the polish if you’d like to have normal nails. Surprise mail from my friends at Nintendo is still the BEST thing. Peruvian food is surprisingly delicious. Mitch Albom’s books are always short but they always leave me thinking. Cold calling […]

  • Pumpkins & lazy day things.

    First of all, before I get into any weekending I have to say thank you. Thank you for all the kind words on my last post and just, thanks. This weekend was very much a low key relaxing one since I just wasn’t feeling all that festive but it was still a good one. Friday: […]

  • A little bit birthday, a little bit Nintendo & a little bit like the end of Summer.

    Weekends are always too short. I mean right? Why do they fly by so fast? It’s just not fair. At least we make them fun. And by we I mean I and hope you have good weekends as well. Friday: Matt worked late and I came home to the dinner of champions, a giant glass […]

  • A weekend of simple things.

    Oy. So weekend. Went a little something something like this. Friday: Dinner at my sister-in-law’s family house. Consume too much wine. Eat too many potatoes. Laugh. Cry. Emotional things. Eat more potatoes. Drink more wine. We’ll be okay. Goodnight. Saturday: No hangover! Hurrah! A breakfast feast from Matt. A Son’s of Anarchy afternoon for me […]