Tag: Music makes my heart happy

  • A Weekend in Nashville.

    Guys. Remember how I went to Nashville? And how it was the best and how I not so secretly love country music and how a trip with girlfriends was legitimately good for my soul? Right? Right. So I’ve been back a few weeks but I still want to share some highlights because if you’ve never […]

  • Because It’s Never Bad to Share Good Things.

    Life has been a bit rocky lately, and I’m not just talking about the election. So in light of that, I’ve been working on looking at the good things. Remembering the good things. Sharing the good things. So that’s what today is all about: THE GOOD THINGS. Celebrity sightings: I saw Darby Stanchfield at a […]

  • Lately.

    You guys, I’ve been busy lately. I mean when I’m not busy chasing around a crazed toddler or going to another park, I’m doing the things I really enjoy, like watching movies and reading and listening to good music and drinking delicious things. And because I’m a giver, I’m going to share what I’ve been […]

  • An Ode to Craig David.

    Fourteen years ago I spent two months living in Germany. When I got home and my best friend was with me as I unpacked, the first thing I said wasn’t about my adventures or the family I had lived with but rather “YOU HAVE TO HEAR THIS SONG.” It was Craig David’s “Fill Me In.” […]

  • Let’s Get Happy.

    This has been a week. A week full of problems and too much crying and sweet mercy I’m so glad it’s almost over. Every day was a struggle and an uphill battle. Every day I dreaded turning on my computer or checking email. There were work problems and fertility setbacks and just too many tears. […]

  • Sing a Happy Song.

    The past few weeks I’ve had some pretty epic sing-a-longs in my car. EPIC. As in, I’m a totally normal person that dances in her car and pretends like I’m actually a good singer. And a drummer. And air guitar player.  Basically, my commute sort of sucks so to make it not suck I sing […]

  • Same Love.

    So I didn’t watch the Grammy’s Sunday. I mean, I didn’t even DVR it. It’s basically one of the few awards shows I could really care less about. And I figure if anything notable happens I can look it up on Monday. So yesterday, that’s what I did. And I saw the wedding. And I […]

  • Dear Target, Stop Being Awesome.

    No seriously. Stop it. I can’t stop buying stuff from you. It’s ridiculous. My wallet (purchased from you) is slowing crying. My Target credit card bill is higher than my regular credit card. Apparently this is what I do, I buy things from you and I CANNOT STOP. In the past three weeks I’ve purchased the […]