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  • Target “B” Awesome.

    It’s no secret that I’ve had a longstanding love affair with Target. No secret at all. It’s literally a five minute drive from my house, I’m obsessed with the Cartwheel app, I use the Target credit card every time I shop there and just, I LOVE IT TOO MUCH. Last week I went in for […]

  • A Bathroom Re-do.

    Living in an apartment I get bored easily with our space and decorations and decor in general. I don’t know if this is normal, but every few months I move something around or put up a new picture or decide I like something in one room over another. Matt loves it (not). Lately, I’ve been […]

  • Wino Wednesday the Thirty Ninth.

    Sadly, Wino Wednesdays are becoming a bit of a thing of the past. But that doesn’t mean I can’t toss a few in there every now and then. Especially when my Wino BFFs, Pasternak Imports, send me new wines to try. (Also: I just realized that my first Wino Wednesday was THREE years ago! I […]

  • Let’s Talk About Oscar.

    Yesterday was all about one man. Oscar. Usually today would be a weekend recap, but instead it’s “Let’s Talk About the Oscar’s Some More.” Because it’s my favorite TV event and I so want to be there, but instead I live tweet, I text with friends and I scream at the TV while my friends […]

  • Eat This, Not That.

    A few weeks ago I went to meet with my mom’s friend who is a… um. I’m not actually sure what her title is. But she specializes in holistic healing and health and she wanted to see me to see if she could help me get my body (and my ovaries) healthier. And I’m game […]

  • Wino Wednesday the Thirty Seventh.

    Ah. Yes. Wino Wednesday. The best kind of Wednesday really. And this week’s Wino Wednesday is brought to us by our dear friends at Pasternak Wine Imports who sent me several goodies to try back in December and it’s taken me a while to get to them all. However, today’s WW is featuring some oh-so-delicious […]

  • Wino Wednesday the Thirty Sixth.

    Why yes, Wino Wednesday is still going strong(ish)! I have so many wines lined up and let me tell you, they do not dissapoint. The very first Wino Wednesday of 2013 is brought to us by our new friends at Rodney Strong Vineyards. Let’s learn a  little bit about them shall we? Our story begins […]

  • Wino Wednesday the Thirty Second.

    Why hello there, sit down, stay a while, enjoy some wine with me why don’t you? This week’s Wino Wednesday is brought to us by the awesomely named Mommy Juice Wines:   Here’s a little something about them: MommyJuice Wines was founded by Cheryl Durzy, a mom of 2 and 10+ year veteran of the wine […]