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  • Currently.

    Looking forward to: More nights on the patio. You’d think Summer hit Southern California already since it’s been in the 90s all week. But the sun is out longer and I can’t wait to just relax on our patio with my latest read. Reading: Frog Music by Emma Donahue. I’m only 60 pages in but […]

  • Hollywood Full of Feelings.

    You guys. Hollywood. There’s so much going on, it’s almost too much for one blog post. But I’ll do what I can. Starting out the week in cute we have Reese Witherspoon with her oh so gorgeous daughter Ava, holding on to little brother Tennessee. Seriously this family is too much, I love it   Also bringing […]

  • A Most Fabulous Day for Hollywood.

    Oh Hollywood. How’s it going? I see the New Year is treating you just right and giving me all sorts of goodness to share. So here we go. Starting out this week’s cuteness we have Eric Dane kissing daughter Georgia on the cheek. Did you melt? I did. Oh McSteamy we miss you. Also bringing […]

  • Strolling through Hollywood.

    So hey there Hollywood. How goes it? Not too busy I see. Okay then. Bringing some serious cute we have little Harper Beckham. Little lady has got the look down already. And seriously, her and daddy David look the cutest together. Also bringing the adorable (and the stylish) is Miranda Kerr and her little man […]

  • A wee bit of Hollywood shenanigans.

    So Hollywood stuff. There’s lots of it. And this will my last for a while since I won’t be posting on our trip and once I get back it’s probably all I’ll want to talk about so hopefully this will tide you all over for a bit. And here we go. Starting out this week’s […]

  • The TV Breakdown.

    [Today would usually be Hollywood day but I’m still mad at the Emmy’s for snubbing SOA and just, yeah. So instead, this Hollywood day is all about TV, my TV for that matter.] So. I watch a lot of television. It’s no secret. And thank goodness for DVR, so I can catch up at once […]

  • Hollywood looks better in a ball gown.

    So Hollywood keeps doing things and I’m still paying attention but just not writing about it as much it seems like because it’s a lot and it’s almost summertime, so this bi-monthly thing may become to new norm. So excuse me if I share some “old” news, but it’s Hollywood news nonetheless. Anyhoozit, ready for […]

  • It’s a sheer day in Hollywood.

    Since yesterday was fake Monday, today is fake Tuesday but with real Hollywood news. So here we go: Starting out with some serious cuteness we have Orlando Bloom and his adorably mismatched son Flynn enjoying a day on the beach. Seriously I don’t know who dressed this kid in all these stripes but it doesn’t […]