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  • Brunch, BBQs & the everlasting weekend.

    Weekends are wonderful. Have I ever said that before? Yeah I probably have because it’s very much true. And this past weekend was no different. Friday: After an uber busy week at work I decided that all I wanted in life was wine, pizza and a good movie with my husband. We stayed in, watched […]

  • Babies of the Blogsphere.

    So remember when I said I had baby fever? Well yes. I still do. And with Ashley’s recommendation I’m taking today to share some of the cutest kidlets on the interwebs. I mean, who am I at this point? haha. Most ridiculously adorable facial expressions (his pensiveness is too much): Gabe (Our Little Apartment) Most […]

  • The LA Nescafe Foodie Feed-up.

    On Tuesday night I had the pleasure of attending Nescafe’s Los Angeles Foodie Feed-up at Joe’s Restaurant in Venice. Nescafe had hosted several foodie nights throughout the country and LA was their final stop and I was so glad I could attend. It was so fun to see Allison, who was the PR rep who […]

  • A social party night with the HTC status.

    First of all, thank you everyone for the kind words and well wishes. Being in a car accident is definitely something I never have to endure again and hope no one has to experience that any time soon, if ever. But seriously, thank you. All the little things have helped so much. Anyhoo, moving on […]

  • So many bloggers, so much love.

    I’ve written this post a couple times already. And deleted it. And written it again. And then deleted. And now I’m finally writing it. I just don’t know how to properly sum up what this weekend was like. Every Bloggers in Sin City has been all sorts of magical and wonderful and full of love […]

  • Bloggers in Sin City 3.0

    Two years ago there was this: and this: and this: Last year there was this: and this: and this: So basically it’s pretty easy to say that this year’s Bloggers In Sin City will consist of rawring, hopping in fountains (as long as security is away!) and attempting to make airplanes as well as hugs […]

  • Fabulous Four.

    So yeah it’s been birthday nation around the blog lately and we’ve got one more to add to the mix today, my blog’s birthday! You guys, somehow Pretty Sandy Feet (the artist formerly known as gorgeous footsteps in the sand…) is FOUR YEARS OLD today! I really have no idea how I’ve been blogging four […]

  • A very Nintendo Enthused weekend.

    *warning: long, blogger love, Nintendorific post to follow. also lots of silly pictures and talk of food, you’ve been warned* Back in January I was lucky enough to try out the Nintendo 3DS in New York and play around the big apple with a few other brand ambassadors and have just a grand ole time. […]