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  • Tacky Sweaters & a trip to Central Perk.

    You know those weekends where you just can’t stop smiling and are just in the happiest of holiday moods? Why, yes. Those are the best. The actual best and happiest. And this is a long post. You’ve been warned. Friday: A very productive evening of baking, watching The Holiday (yes, AGAIN), cleaning and a whole […]

  • Aces & Diamonds.

    So. Those weekends where you have every emotion on the scale of emotions? Yes. Those. I had one. And let’s just say, I’m still recovering. Thursday: Made the trek with my coworker Meghan to Palm Springs (more specifically The oh-so-fabulous ACE Hotel) for Camp Mighty. We were both fortunate enough to attend due to our […]

  • New York, I love you.

    I mean how could I not? Yes you are incredibly overwhelming and crazy but just, there’s something that makes me love you. And I’m pretty sure you got Matt on board too. So yes, back to trip talk. We started in DC, made a quick stop in Philly and then partook in some NYCness for […]

  • Bright & shiny.

    Lazy weekends are some of the best weekends.  I probably say that every time I have a lazy weekend and I mean it every single time. Friday: After another particularly busy and exhausting week at work I rewarded myself with a huge glass of wine and Matt ordered wings and cheesesticks (horrible for a diet, […]

  • A little bit birthday, a little bit Nintendo & a little bit like the end of Summer.

    Weekends are always too short. I mean right? Why do they fly by so fast? It’s just not fair. At least we make them fun. And by we I mean I and hope you have good weekends as well. Friday: Matt worked late and I came home to the dinner of champions, a giant glass […]

  • Three days of Magic.

    Three day weekends are in fact the best thing ever. And this past one just made me love them even more. So three day weekends, let’s be a thing. A more often thing. Because I really do love you. Friday: A day off, hurrah! I spent my morning running errands and being productive, while my […]

  • Bloggers in Sin City 4.0

    Today I leave for my fourth Bloggers in Sin City. Every year has been amazing, has been magical, has been nothing short of ridiculous entertainment and an entire four days of being with people I absolutely adore. And I hope that this year is nothing different. It’s crazy that this random Twitter suggestion of bloggers […]

  • A Blogoversary & a scrumptious giveaway.

    Today marks five years since I started this blog. FIVE YEARS. Seriously, five years ago I was living at home, in a newish relationship with Matt and not quite sure what I was doing with my life. Five years ago my writing was jumbled and I had no idea what I was doing in this […]