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  • A Drink Up, Top Down Kind of Weekend.

    So those weeks that are just a little too long and the weekend comes right at the time that you need it most? Yes, that. A lot of that happened. Friday: After a relatively slow day at work the weekend was officially kicked off by our office drink cart providing a variety of lemonades with […]

  • Everybody Get Happy.

    First of all. Thank you. Thank you so much for your support and comments and texts and emails in regards to my last post. I forget that sometimes when you put yourself out there that the internet will act as one giant hug back. That’s what it felt like and I basically cried with every […]

  • Because, Vegas.

    Clearly it’s taken me a while to get my thoughts together about this past weekend. And really, I still don’t really have the words. I mean I do, but I don’t. Usually I’d recap this weekend by the day and all the things we did but I feel like even that wouldn’t fully capture the […]

  • Emotionally Hungover is Very Much a Thing.

    As I write this my pictures are still being uploaded. So many of them fuzzy and ridiculous and every single one of them making me smile. I’ve also perused the pictures everyone else has put up and laughed at them and just gotten all the good feelings. I can’t quite yet muster up the brain […]

  • Things that are Good.

    A surprise brownie delivery Buying a bathing suit that looks like a tutu (sort of right?) Getting that bathing suit on sale and with a discount and then using fun funds from PayPal to get it My actual tutu, packed away and ready to finally wear Seven years with Matt Putting up my “Out of […]

  • Bloggers in Sin City: A Place of Fabulous

    Four years ago a few bloggers tossed around the idea of meeting up in Vegas. And then a few turned into twenty. And I had a free hotel room to use. So I persuaded Matt to come with me to Vegas to “meet my internet friends” and thus the first Bloggers in Sin City happened. […]

  • 29 is Wine Time.

    Remember that one time we packed up our first apartment, celebrated my birthday and then walked everything over to our new apartment in the span of five days? Yeah, me neither. Because it’s been a blur. A crazy wonderful blur of my birthday and this big new crazy adventure in adulthood. Thursday: My birthday! Wee! […]

  • Shiny & Delightful.

    Weekends are meant to sleep in and eat cheesy things. So you know, of course that’s what I did this weekend. Friday: After a somewhat exhausting week, Matt and I took it easy. We had a sushi date followed by ice cream (which is totally logical when it’s 40 degrees outside) followed by a snuggly […]