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  • My Barnacle Baby.

    Guys. I jokingly called Rhys my Barnacle Baby. But honestly, the nickname is so true. This kid is only happy if he’s being held or worn. I feel like I spent the majority of my day with him attached to me.  I mean, Riley was sort of the same way and I vaguely remembered how […]

  • A little sign.

    Signs. Admittedly I believe in them. I also still make wishes and say a little prayer here and there. It gives me comfort and sometimes I don’t even know what to do when there’s a sign or what it means, but I know it’s there. And why am I talking about this? Well, I just […]

  • & Then There Were FOUR.

    Oh hi. I had a baby. Crazy right? I mean it’s been a week and a half since our little man arrived and I’m still in a bit of shock. It’s been a crazy adjustment (hence the quiet blog) with little sleep and lots of coffee. But I wouldn’t trade it for anything. Well, maybe […]

  • The Final Countdown.

    Guys, we are in the home stretch. Like holy moly how did we get here already? This baby can be here any time in the next few weeks and sweet mercy, this is actually happening. I went back and read the post I did when I was at this point in my pregnancy with Riley […]

  • Onto the Third.

    So apparently I blinked and I’m now in the third trimester of this pregnancy. Sweet actual mercy. I still alter between “holy crap this is flying by” and “holy crap I still have three months left to go” but really, it’s still just weird to me that I’m pregnant. In any case, I figured the […]

  • Halfway 2.0

    So here we are, already halfway through this pregnancy. I have no idea how that happened. And it still hasn’t totally sunk in that it’s really happening. I figured I’d revisit the halfway recap that I did when I was pregnant with Riley, crazy to see how similar and yet different these pregnancies have been. […]

  • FAQ: Baby Bannan 2.0

    Guys, thank you. I seriously feel so overwhelmed with love and excitement right now and I’m just so glad we could share our news with everyone. Similar to when I announced my pregnancy with Riley, I figured there are probably a few questions and some of you feel a little weird asking them. So I’m […]

  • Party of Four.