Emotional Whiplash.

June 1, 2018

Tweet Life with a three year old is exhausting. It’s fun, but it’s exhausting. Lately we’ve been dealing with some extremes. Extreme cuteness when Riley tries to make Rhys laugh. And extreme adorableness when he succeeds. Extreme sweetness when he asks me for hugs out of the blue or wants to be held. But then […]

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A Letter from My Little Brother.

May 22, 2018

Tweet Four years ago I wrote my little brother a letter before he left for college. And honestly, I sort of forgot about it. This past weekend, he graduated. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to make the trip to New York but my parents, my aunt, my sister and her fiancé did. And thanks to technology […]

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May 17, 2018

Tweet Welp. Last week this little space on the internet turned eleven and I missed it. It’s the first time I’ve ever forgotten my blog’s birthday and I’m actually a little sad about it. Sad that I missed it, not sad that it’s eleven years old. Admittedly, there’s been a lot happening over here. I’ve […]

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Rhys: Two Months

May 11, 2018

Tweet Oh hey there, on Wednesday Rhys turned two months old. And I swear to god it’s been the fastest slowest two months ever. He: – Is oh so very serious. Just like Riley was. It cracks me up. – Doesn’t really love when anyone but me holds him. It’s a bit frustrating and hopefully […]

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On who I am (at the moment)

May 8, 2018

TweetSo it’s been a while over here and today I’m taking a page out of Kerri’s book. And sharing who I am…at the moment. I AM… …34. My birthday was two weeks. It came and went with very little fanfare on my end. Usually I’m all about the birthday, but it’s safe to say that […]

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My Barnacle Baby.

April 18, 2018

TweetGuys. I jokingly called Rhys my Barnacle Baby. But honestly, the nickname is so true. This kid is only happy if he’s being held or worn. I feel like I spent the majority of my day with him attached to me.  I mean, Riley was sort of the same way and I vaguely remembered how […]

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Rhys: One Month

April 10, 2018

TweetGuys. GUYS. Yesterday marked ONE MONTH OF RHYS. Also ONE MONTH OF TWO KIDS. And sweet mercy, we made it. I made it. Barely, ha. I feel like this calls for a celebration, or a donut, or more wine, ha. But really, it’s amazing how fast this month went and how little sleep I got. […]

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A little sign.

April 4, 2018

Tweet Signs. Admittedly I believe in them. I also still make wishes and say a little prayer here and there. It gives me comfort and sometimes I don’t even know what to do when there’s a sign or what it means, but I know it’s there. And why am I talking about this? Well, I […]

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