Five on Friday.

September 22, 2017

Tweet 1. A few months ago our bubble machine broke. We kept telling Riley we’d get it fixed and we could never fix it and ultimately tossed it out and hoped he wouldn’t notice. And luckily he didn’t. About a month ago Matt found a new bubble machine and we’ve just had it. On Tuesday […]

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FAQ: Baby Bannan 2.0

September 14, 2017

Tweet Guys, thank you. I seriously feel so overwhelmed with love and excitement right now and I’m just so glad we could share our news with everyone. Similar to when I announced my pregnancy with Riley, I figured there are probably a few questions and some of you feel a little weird asking them. So […]

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Party of Four.

September 12, 2017

Tweet Surprise! 

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It’s a Good Day for a Good Day

September 8, 2017

Tweet Guys. I feel like every day when I wake up something more horrible has happened. Whether it be a hurricane, a fire, a shooting or some new asinine thing our ridiculous president has said or done. It. Is. Exhausting. And between world news and some personal life ish (a child who wakes up too […]

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True Story.

August 31, 2017

Tweet I don’t remember ever climbing trees successfully as a kid. Whereas my child managed to climb this one all by himself. One time, in college, I called my mom and asked her how to get vomit out of a shirt. She immediately asked me if I was in pregnant. Alas, I was hungover. So so […]

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2,557 Days.

August 28, 2017

Tweet Seven years later and our wedding day is still my favorite. Seven years later and we’re really tired (thanks Riley). Seven years later and our family room picnics are my favorite thing. Seven years later and our dance parties are more kids music than anything else, but you’re still my favorite dance partner. Seven […]

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Keep Taking the Help.

August 24, 2017

Tweet Yesterday Matt got home from work early and I darted out of the house to do the glorious task of grocery shopping. BY MYSELF. It was amazing. I went to three stores in an hour and a half, with no bribes necessary. When I was at the last store checking out there was a […]

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All by Myself.

August 14, 2017

Tweet A week ago I was home with Riley while Matt was working and I realized, I didn’t know the last time I had any time to myself. Yes, when Riley is napping I get to spend some time alone, but to me, that doesn’t really count. That’s usually when I’m working or trying to […]

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