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  • Wino Wednesday: The Fortieth.

    Oh hi, it’s been two and a half years since I did a Wino Wednesday. I didn’t really mean to stop but I got pregnant and then I just stopped drinking as much wine and you know, life. But hey, I’ve got some new wines to share that are PERFECT for summertime (at least what’s […]

  • Wino Wednesday the Thirty Ninth.

    Sadly, Wino Wednesdays are becoming a bit of a thing of the past. But that doesn’t mean I can’t toss a few in there every now and then. Especially when my Wino BFFs, Pasternak Imports, send me new wines to try. (Also: I just realized that my first Wino Wednesday was THREE years ago! I […]

  • Wino Wednesday the Thirty Eighth.

    Remember when I used to talk about wine? A lot. Yes that was nice. Well, my friends at Pasternak Wine Imports have come through for me again with another delicious batch of Mud House Wines. Also funny is that Mud House wines was the last wine I reviewed back in January. So we’re just picking […]

  • Wino Wednesday the Thirty Seventh.

    Ah. Yes. Wino Wednesday. The best kind of Wednesday really. And this week’s Wino Wednesday is brought to us by our dear friends at Pasternak Wine Imports who sent me several goodies to try back in December and it’s taken me a while to get to them all. However, today’s WW is featuring some oh-so-delicious […]

  • Wino Wednesday the Thirty Sixth.

    Why yes, Wino Wednesday is still going strong(ish)! I have so many wines lined up and let me tell you, they do not dissapoint. The very first Wino Wednesday of 2013 is brought to us by our new friends at Rodney Strong Vineyards. Let’s learn a  little bit about them shall we? Our story begins […]

  • Wino Wednesday the Thirty Fifth (& a giveaway!)

    So. I have a feeling this week is going to be one of those weeks. One of those uber busy weeks with everything to do and not enough time to do it all. But thank goodness for a glass (or two) of wine to sip while unwinding for the night. And even more thank goodness […]

  • Wino Wednesday the Thirty Fourth.

    Wino Wednesday, you are my mid-week friend! This week is brought to us yet again by my dear friends at Pasternak Wine Imports who sent me six new bottles of white wine to try last week. So expect even more Pasternak goodness to make it’s way to Wino Wednesday the next few weeks. Anyhoo, this […]

  • Wino Wednesday the Thirty Third.

    Fellow winos I have let you down. It’s been over TWO months since our last Wino Wednesday. I mean, I don’t even recognize myself any more. Someone asked me if I hadn’t done one because I hadn’t been drinking wine because I was pregnant, but No, that is not the case. I have been doing […]