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  • Hello. And Goodbye.

    A year ago, I accidentally stopped writing.  Nothing started it. The pandemic hadn’t officially shut down our lives yet. But I just stopped. Somehow I felt like I ran out of words to say. Which is weird, as this blog had been a part of my life for almost fourteen years. How does something  some vital […]

  • The Big Kid.

    This summer, Riley turned into a big kid. I don’t know how it happened, but it did. Maybe it started with summer camp. He went for three weeks. I dropped him off and picked him up every day. And every day I felt like he was getting a little bit more confidence and just a […]

  • That Late Night Life.

    I took this picture last night (this morning, really) because I needed to laugh. I had so much work to do and despite not really sleeping during the day, Rhys was up again. And he was so giggly and smiley and cute and sweet mercy it almost made me forget that he was wide awake […]

  • A Reunion Kind of Weekend.

    You guys. this past weekend marked our longest travel with Riley and although it was for a good reason I’d really like to never do it again. Babies man. They’re exhausting. In any case, our weekend went a little something like this. Thursday: Started our day nice and early and made the trek to San […]

  • To Matt.

    Dear Matt, In a rather panicked moment a few days ago I asked you if we’d be okay. No, nothing is wrong with our relationship but rather I was worrying about absolutely everything ranging from finances to feeling like adults again to being good parents. And you quickly assured me that yes, yes we would. And it’s […]

  • Hello Summer, Hello Hollywood.

    Hi Tuesday. Hi Hollywood. Hi summertime. Good to see you again. Starting off this week’s cuteness we have the oh so beachy and trendy McConaughey family on a walk around the happiest place on earth. I mean when did Vida get so dang big and adorable? And Levi with those suspenders? I melt. Also bringing […]

  • That one time I went to the American Idol finale.

    Ready for some more Idolness? Of course you are. So I got a last minute invite on Wednesday that there was an extra ticket for me courtesy of AT&T to attend the finale taping of American Idol if I could make it. Pshaw, of course I could make it! I zipped home to change and […]

  • Oh My Nola.

    New Orleans. How I love you so. You’ve given the world Harry Connick Jr. ( oh sing to me Harry, especially if it’s Christmastime) Jambalaya. and Mardi Gras.* Dear NOLA you were also a part of my sophomore and junior year of college spring break adventures and for that I LOVE you. Some of the […]